Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having fun with Letter Bead Bracelets

Blogs are so endearing! One of  my friends has a blog at: http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/  
Kit posted a picture of her bracelet, then one of her readers saw it and ordered one for her blog! 
Beth is owned by a gorgeous Newfoundland name Remington, her blog is at:
I had fun designing a bracelet that says just that: REMINGTON!!!
You still have time before Christmas! Let me make something for you!
Depending on what kind of beads and how many, I only charge for the beads I actually use.
So it could be as little as $15-20, including shipping!
Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pandora style Large Bead Bracelets

A dear friend from Georgia, commissioned me to make a bracelet in Large Beads, to spell out her blog name.
Her blog is at:  http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/

Thank you, Buddy, for the plug on 11-9-11.

I made up several different variations, photographed them and then emailed them to her for approval.
I also can do them in all kinds of beads, including crystals and colorful Lampwork beads:
If you prefer silver, I can make inexpensive silver bracelets, too.
In Kit's bracelet, we did large gold "Stardust" beads with the gold alphabet beads on a gold serpentine bracelet. 
Anything that says "YOU"!

The cost can be as low as $20.00, just depending on what kind of beads you want and how many.
Let me make something for you! Just email me at:   hummingbirdkw@gmail.com

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in California after a great cool summer in Oregon

We had a busy and fun summer being lighthouse hosts for the Oregon State Parks! Learned so much fascinating history of the area and met lots of wonderful people, who all had great stories of their own!

I did create earrings for Cape Blanco Lighthouse and was able to sell them right there in the Gift Shop!
They are the ones on the left with the red roof. Item #CBLH-100  $10 includes shipping.

We traveled north to Newport for August. Came for a week, the weather was wonderful, stayed a month! If I could only bottle up that sea breeze and take it with me! Lots of walking, fresh fish and crab and caught up with friends traveling along the coast.

In Newport, they have 2 lighthouses, (see Birdingrvers.com for the full story)
here's the link:

We knew 2 couples working as volunteers at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It is a wonderful looking lighthouse which inspired me to create earrings for it, too. The picture on the right, with the black roof, shows you an example and a comparison in size to the Cape Blanco earrings.
Item # YHL-200  $10 includes shipping.

While enjoying our vacation in Newport, I received a great book on beading and had to try some of the patterns.  I guess, from being at the sea, I saw a star fish and not a flower in the one pattern. So I made a peach colored star fish pendant in Delica beads. A little more challenging, but I  needed the challenge!
Item # DSF-101  $10  pendant alone.  If you would like a chain made of gold or silver seed beads, $12
covers both the pendant and chain, plus shipping. Please specify gold or silver.

We had gone to an Orchid Show while in Newport, it inspired me to make a permanent corsage.
I made an Orchid brooch done in Cube Beads, which worked wonderfully in a peyote stitch!
A lot of time and beads went into this item, but I was very happy with it when I finished it!
Item # OCB-102  $15.00  includes shipping

In a totally different direction, a friend sent me a pattern and wondered if I could make a Mother's Bracelet for her, with her children's names in silver alphabet beads and the Swarovski crystals in their birthstone colors. I liked making this for her and would love to make more! I posted two different views because there were dark and light crystals to show off.  I use silver plated or gold plated clasps, with silver accent beads in between the Swarovski crystals.  Item # MBC-103  $20.00.

Now I'm off to find more patterns to bead! Thanks for dropping in!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Umpqua River Lighthouse in Oregon

Hello from Winchester Bay, Oregon, where we have been hosting at the Umpqua River Lighthouse & Museum. It's a gorgeous lighthouse with a red and white lens, the only other one like it is in Brazil! 
Here is a link to our blog for the whole story:

I was inspired to make a pair of earrings, in peyote stitch, for the Lighthouse Museum Gift Store:

Item # URL-1002   Silver plated or Gold Plated Ear Wires are available to your preference.
$10.00 plus $1.50 shipping

Also available, is a pendant,  Item # URL-1003, in the same design.  $5.00, (free shipping if purchased with the earrings)

Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Postcard from Bandon, Oregon

We are trying a whole new experience for us:  being Lighthouse Interpretive Guides at the Coquille River Lighthouse in Bandon, Oregon.  While here I noticed they didn't have any jewelry in the gift shop depicting the cute little lighthouse, so I came up with my own pattern in a "toll painting" sort of view.

Here's a link to see what the lighthouse looks like:   

Restoration of the lighthouse has been funded by sales in the gift shop. I thought it important that this work continue, so I have donated several pairs of earrings to the Oregon State Parks for sale in the gift shop.  

If you are interested in a pair, they are $11.50, includes shipping. You can order through my email.

I hope May is showing great signs of Spring in your area!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Colors this Spring in Beading

Thanks to several orders, I've been busy beading and shipping! Keep them orders coming, it helps pay the ever increasing diesil costs for our RVing, plus buys more beads! Shh, don't tell my husband that part!! :)

Last month I did the "Hummingbird Gorgette Bracelet" and that inspired me to make another version in Purple, Teal and Greens.  Which got me using similar colors from both bracelets to make the "Stain Glass Window Bracelet", shown here in the middle.  These are all made with size 8 seed beads and can be made with all different combinations of color.  Approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.

In the beading class I've enjoyed for the last 3 months, one of our Beginner beaders came up with a pattern using the Right Angle Weave for Swarovski 4 mm crystals.  I did mine in Aqua crystals with 4 mm Swarovski pearls down the middle to punch it up!

I am currently waiting for more shipments of crystals and beads, some as far away as Alaska!

Thanks for reading and let me know if there is something special I can make up for you or a gift for a friend!

Monday, March 7, 2011

More spring time jewelry creations

I have been taking beading classes at the Escapee RV Park in Pahrump, Nevada and here are a few items I've learned to make recently.  These are "Hello Kitty" pendants or you could use them as cell phone dangles. Made of  (80) Swarovski crystals, Item # HK-01  (Orange Tabby) and HK-02 (Siamese)  Sells for $10 plus $1.50 shipping.  In any color combination you would like. Need a chain to wear as a pendant, in gold or silver, they are just $1 more.

This one is called the Easy Crystal Bracelet, done in (130) Lavendar and Purple Velvet Swarovski 4mm crystals. Item # ECB-01, sells for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  I have also made a Blue version and one in Green for St. Patrick's Day, but you could use any 2 colors you prefer!

The top one is the Blue with light and dark blue crystals and the middle one is the Green and clear crystals, that sort of make shamrocks! The third one is the Purple and Lavendar. I just need your wrist size and colors and I could make that is just right for you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March has promises of Spring to come!

I have been busy creating new items for you, here are some of the most recent selections.

This is the Swarovski "Puffy Heart" Crystal Pendant with chain in Emerald Crystals, Item # PH-01.
Perhaps you would like it for St. Patrick's Day or maybe a May Birthday Gift!  It measures about 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 1/4" on a gold seed bead chain. I can make this in any color crystal you wish, on a gold or silver chain, depending on your preference.  $12.00 each, includes shipping within the USA.

Here it is in a Hot Pink, the Swarovski Crystal Puffy Heart Pendant on a silver chain, Item #PH-02 
$12.00 each, includes shipping within US.

This Bracelet I call my "Hummingbird Gorgette Bracelet", with vivid colors like on a throat of a Hummingbird.  It is done in various size seed beads, using the Peyote Stitch. You could have it in any color arrangement you wish! It has a slide magnetic clasp to ensure it stays right on your wrist. Item # HG-01, sells for $10 including shipping within the US.
I had posted this necklace a few postings ago and now have tried to photograph it a little better.
Item # SWLN-76 in any color combination of crystals and seed beads, $18 each includes shipping within the US.

Add a little patriotic look to your jewelry with this petite US Flag Bracelet done in Delica Seed Beads, using the Peyote Stitch.  The width is only about a half inch wide, so it looks very delicate. Item # USA-01, sells for $7, includes shipping within the USA.
This is another Peyote stitch, I call it my Southwest Bracelet using Turquoise, Copper and Cobalt Blue seed beads. The width is about 3/4" wide. Item # SW-07, sells for $7, includes shipping within the USA.

All I need is your wrist size and what colors for any of your jewelry choices!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Latest Jewelry Creations

Hello, I've been feverishly working on new patterns and materials. I am excited to show you
 my latest Web Album. You can pause the slide show and look at each photo individually.

Remember, I can make anything in your favorite colors, they can all be switched around!

Are there any weddings coming up? Need a gift for the bridesmaids? How about a very nice bracelet in their favorite color?! Any occasion, I can help you find the perfect gift!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

While traveling through out the country in our RV, I always have to be creative with my hands.  Along the way I have come upon beading classes that have taught me various techniques, especially working with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. Now I have enough inventory made that I can start selling my jewelry creations.

Here are a few samples of my work for you to view and perhaps accessorize your wardrobe. From day wear for work or a night on the town, I think I have something for every occasion. If you don't see a particular color or size, I can customize it just for you!

Do you see a particular design you like, but it's in the wrong color? Let me know I can get almost any color in the rainbow ordered and created just for you!

To stop the slide show and look at a certain photo, just click on a photo in the slide show, it will stop and show you all of the photos one by one instead.