Saturday, March 5, 2011

March has promises of Spring to come!

I have been busy creating new items for you, here are some of the most recent selections.

This is the Swarovski "Puffy Heart" Crystal Pendant with chain in Emerald Crystals, Item # PH-01.
Perhaps you would like it for St. Patrick's Day or maybe a May Birthday Gift!  It measures about 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 1/4" on a gold seed bead chain. I can make this in any color crystal you wish, on a gold or silver chain, depending on your preference.  $12.00 each, includes shipping within the USA.

Here it is in a Hot Pink, the Swarovski Crystal Puffy Heart Pendant on a silver chain, Item #PH-02 
$12.00 each, includes shipping within US.

This Bracelet I call my "Hummingbird Gorgette Bracelet", with vivid colors like on a throat of a Hummingbird.  It is done in various size seed beads, using the Peyote Stitch. You could have it in any color arrangement you wish! It has a slide magnetic clasp to ensure it stays right on your wrist. Item # HG-01, sells for $10 including shipping within the US.
I had posted this necklace a few postings ago and now have tried to photograph it a little better.
Item # SWLN-76 in any color combination of crystals and seed beads, $18 each includes shipping within the US.

Add a little patriotic look to your jewelry with this petite US Flag Bracelet done in Delica Seed Beads, using the Peyote Stitch.  The width is only about a half inch wide, so it looks very delicate. Item # USA-01, sells for $7, includes shipping within the USA.
This is another Peyote stitch, I call it my Southwest Bracelet using Turquoise, Copper and Cobalt Blue seed beads. The width is about 3/4" wide. Item # SW-07, sells for $7, includes shipping within the USA.

All I need is your wrist size and what colors for any of your jewelry choices!


  1. Just beautiful! Can you link to facebook? To entice more people?

  2. Kathy I wore my Gorgette Bracelet to my retirement reception. I rec'd several compliments on it
    Hugs HiC