Friday, December 28, 2012

After the Christmas Rush!

Now we can all catch our breaths! AH!!! :)

I've been busy as one of Santa's elves in learning several new designs.
There is a great beading group at the SKP Saguaro RV Park in Benson, AZ!

When I learn a pattern, I want to do it again in another color, while it's fresh in my brain!

So here are a few new items to show you.

These are "Double Sidewinders" that I have finally mastered! I have done the Single Sidewinder several times, it just took somebody to show me how to start the second row. I was off and running after that! 

Pictured are:
1.  Ivory Pearls 4mm with Gold Fire Polished Czech Crystals also in 4mm. 
Item # IVORY 101 $15.00
2. Lavender Pearls 4mm with Lavendar Fire Polished Czech Crystals 4mm. 
Item #LAV 102     $15.00
3. Glacier Blue Opal Bicone Crystals 4mm with Turquoise Bicone Crystals 3mm  
Item #GLAC 103  $15.00

I also learned to do "The Wave Bracelet" pattern. Since I'm in Arizona, I couldn't resist doing it in Southwest Colors.

1. Teal Seed Beads and Copper Hex beads make this one of my favorites to wear.
    Item # WAVE-Teal  $10.00
2. Turquoise Seed Beads Copper Hex beads make this one an eye popper!
    Item # WAVE-Turquoise  $10.00

I had learned the "Bangle Bead Bracelet" while in Maine in 2010, but now Swaroski has Pearl Crystals in 4 mm size that really add a little punch to this pattern. Originally done as a bangle, I put a snap clasp on mine so that they didn't have to be too large to get over my wrist.

1. The first one is in Lavender Swarovski Crystal Pearls with lavender seed beads to accent, and large Purple Swarovski Crystal Bicone 5mm at the center.
Item #  Bangle-Purple  $12.00

2. The second is in 2 shades of Pink: Hot Pink and Baby Pink Swaroski Crystal Pearls 4mm with a large Clear Crystal Bicone 5 mm at the center.
Item # Bangle - Pink   $12.00

3. The third one is a "Double Spiral Bracelet" done in Cubed Seed Beads, varying colors available.
Item # DOU-Spiral  $9.00

All of these designs can be done in your favorite color combinations! Just let me know via email:

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy New Year!