Monday, March 7, 2011

More spring time jewelry creations

I have been taking beading classes at the Escapee RV Park in Pahrump, Nevada and here are a few items I've learned to make recently.  These are "Hello Kitty" pendants or you could use them as cell phone dangles. Made of  (80) Swarovski crystals, Item # HK-01  (Orange Tabby) and HK-02 (Siamese)  Sells for $10 plus $1.50 shipping.  In any color combination you would like. Need a chain to wear as a pendant, in gold or silver, they are just $1 more.

This one is called the Easy Crystal Bracelet, done in (130) Lavendar and Purple Velvet Swarovski 4mm crystals. Item # ECB-01, sells for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  I have also made a Blue version and one in Green for St. Patrick's Day, but you could use any 2 colors you prefer!

The top one is the Blue with light and dark blue crystals and the middle one is the Green and clear crystals, that sort of make shamrocks! The third one is the Purple and Lavendar. I just need your wrist size and colors and I could make that is just right for you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March has promises of Spring to come!

I have been busy creating new items for you, here are some of the most recent selections.

This is the Swarovski "Puffy Heart" Crystal Pendant with chain in Emerald Crystals, Item # PH-01.
Perhaps you would like it for St. Patrick's Day or maybe a May Birthday Gift!  It measures about 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" X 1/4" on a gold seed bead chain. I can make this in any color crystal you wish, on a gold or silver chain, depending on your preference.  $12.00 each, includes shipping within the USA.

Here it is in a Hot Pink, the Swarovski Crystal Puffy Heart Pendant on a silver chain, Item #PH-02 
$12.00 each, includes shipping within US.

This Bracelet I call my "Hummingbird Gorgette Bracelet", with vivid colors like on a throat of a Hummingbird.  It is done in various size seed beads, using the Peyote Stitch. You could have it in any color arrangement you wish! It has a slide magnetic clasp to ensure it stays right on your wrist. Item # HG-01, sells for $10 including shipping within the US.
I had posted this necklace a few postings ago and now have tried to photograph it a little better.
Item # SWLN-76 in any color combination of crystals and seed beads, $18 each includes shipping within the US.

Add a little patriotic look to your jewelry with this petite US Flag Bracelet done in Delica Seed Beads, using the Peyote Stitch.  The width is only about a half inch wide, so it looks very delicate. Item # USA-01, sells for $7, includes shipping within the USA.
This is another Peyote stitch, I call it my Southwest Bracelet using Turquoise, Copper and Cobalt Blue seed beads. The width is about 3/4" wide. Item # SW-07, sells for $7, includes shipping within the USA.

All I need is your wrist size and what colors for any of your jewelry choices!