Friday, April 26, 2013

Time to Walk in the Park

I know it has been a while since I posted last, but here is the number one reason:

Molly, the Golden Retriever Rescue, stole our hearts the day before Thanksgiving 2012!
Hard to believe a sweet golden puppy needed rescuing! Undernourished but very well behaved, we totally lucked out!

Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue group ( had no information on her when they called us with a perspective pup. All they knew was she had been a "runner" so many times that the shelter suggested to her owner "how about we find her home?!"  She knew commands, was house broken (thank goodness!), didn't bark, loves other dogs and even cats! Bunnies are another issue, they are for chasing! :)

In our Arizona winter-over community she had at least 200 fans, 2-leggers and 4 leggers! Lots of desert to run around off leash. Then she was the "Desert Diva".  However, with the weather getting hotter in Arizona, we traveled up to the southern Oregon coast mid-April.

It can be quite windy here, we know from volunteering at the lighthouses the last 2 summers, but the cool air is very welcomed!  We have done a few walks along the cliffs, but the wind would have sand blasted us the other day. Today it was calmer in the morning and Molly discovered the BEACH! She was so excited to run off leash again, in soft sand, she just kicked up her heels! Ran so fast all over the beach! So many smells to sniff, chase the waves that chased back at her and meet other canines having fun! She thought they need to do something with the water, though, tasted a little salty after a couple tries! Forget the desert, this is heaven!

After her work out on the beach she has changed her name from "Desert Diva" to "Beach Babe".
Thoroughly exhausted, she took a long deserved nap while sunbathing!

For "Walk in the Park Day", here is a photo of Molly and Dad at Face Rock Park, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Bandon, OR.

I have made LOTS of creations while in Arizona, at the SKP Saguaro RV Park, a wonderful beading group that taught me several techniques! But I need to get really good photos of them. They will be in another posting.

Happy Spring to everyone!