Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back in California after a great cool summer in Oregon

We had a busy and fun summer being lighthouse hosts for the Oregon State Parks! Learned so much fascinating history of the area and met lots of wonderful people, who all had great stories of their own!

I did create earrings for Cape Blanco Lighthouse and was able to sell them right there in the Gift Shop!
They are the ones on the left with the red roof. Item #CBLH-100  $10 includes shipping.

We traveled north to Newport for August. Came for a week, the weather was wonderful, stayed a month! If I could only bottle up that sea breeze and take it with me! Lots of walking, fresh fish and crab and caught up with friends traveling along the coast.

In Newport, they have 2 lighthouses, (see for the full story)
here's the link:

We knew 2 couples working as volunteers at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It is a wonderful looking lighthouse which inspired me to create earrings for it, too. The picture on the right, with the black roof, shows you an example and a comparison in size to the Cape Blanco earrings.
Item # YHL-200  $10 includes shipping.

While enjoying our vacation in Newport, I received a great book on beading and had to try some of the patterns.  I guess, from being at the sea, I saw a star fish and not a flower in the one pattern. So I made a peach colored star fish pendant in Delica beads. A little more challenging, but I  needed the challenge!
Item # DSF-101  $10  pendant alone.  If you would like a chain made of gold or silver seed beads, $12
covers both the pendant and chain, plus shipping. Please specify gold or silver.

We had gone to an Orchid Show while in Newport, it inspired me to make a permanent corsage.
I made an Orchid brooch done in Cube Beads, which worked wonderfully in a peyote stitch!
A lot of time and beads went into this item, but I was very happy with it when I finished it!
Item # OCB-102  $15.00  includes shipping

In a totally different direction, a friend sent me a pattern and wondered if I could make a Mother's Bracelet for her, with her children's names in silver alphabet beads and the Swarovski crystals in their birthstone colors. I liked making this for her and would love to make more! I posted two different views because there were dark and light crystals to show off.  I use silver plated or gold plated clasps, with silver accent beads in between the Swarovski crystals.  Item # MBC-103  $20.00.

Now I'm off to find more patterns to bead! Thanks for dropping in!