Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Having fun with Letter Bead Bracelets

Blogs are so endearing! One of  my friends has a blog at: http://kit-dogdaze.blogspot.com/  
Kit posted a picture of her bracelet, then one of her readers saw it and ordered one for her blog! 
Beth is owned by a gorgeous Newfoundland name Remington, her blog is at:
I had fun designing a bracelet that says just that: REMINGTON!!!
You still have time before Christmas! Let me make something for you!
Depending on what kind of beads and how many, I only charge for the beads I actually use.
So it could be as little as $15-20, including shipping!
Happy shopping!


  1. Remington's Mom is sure gonna like that!

  2. It is AWESOME! I can't wait to give it Beth! She is going to be so happy! Keep it a secret though.... Everyone should get one of your bracelets -- you do a great job! Thanks again!

  3. Those are fun to make, too! Remington's mom will love it!

  4. Have a fun and safe New Years Eve! See you next year!

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  6. Nice one!!!
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