Tuesday, April 10, 2012

After 3 months of Volunteering, time for some serious Beading!

Hello Everybody!
I know it's been a while since I last posted, but doing cave tours has kept us busy from January to March!
April we're taking a "vacation", relaxing and then resuming travels to the Northwest.
By May 1st, we will be Lighthouse Hosts back in Bandon, OR at the Coquille River Lighthouse!
Talk about one extreme to another! The past 3 days here in Arizona have been near 90!
We have been cocooning under the Air Conditioner!
But I know we'll be going back to a cold Spring in Oregon!
They are water logged from record breaking rain and snow this year!

Here are a few items I have made. Inspired by the Southwest, I just love anything with turquoise in it, and what could be better than pairing it with Silver or Copper? So I made both:

Then I tried a pattern I learned while in Maine a couple years ago. It is called a Bangle with Pearls, but I used Swarovski Crystal Pearls with tiny little seed beads in between.  I made one in Hot Pink and the other in Lavender.

I needed a little more challenge for my brain, always good to give the gray cells a run for their money, to help fight back senility! LOL  My friend, Chelle, in New Jersey sent me a picture of a necklace she bought at a Craft Festival back there. It is worn like a scarf, so you can use a square knot or just let it hang open. I had lots of silver lined seed beads to use and I wanted it to have a pattern, like a checkered scarf. So here is the finished product:

I hope you liked some of my latest creations! Thank you for stopping on by!   Kathy


  1. Love them all! I was wondering if you were still doing this.

  2. So how do I get me one of those copper and turquoise bracelets with a clasp rather than magnets?

  3. Kathy I love the scarf necklace!!! Excellent eye to be able to do it w/o a pattern. I really like the full circle bracelets too....seriously thinking about a special order. LOL
    Will keep you posted.
    Hugs Hic

  4. Wish you had posted the pretty picture of you modeling...

  5. Thank you for visiting! It as important to me. Wow...nice work, indeed! I like those!

  6. Beautiful! You are SO talented!

  7. Hi we just popped over from Madi's blog to say hello! I love the beaded starfish you have shown back in October, will you be making any more of those?

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  9. HI Kathy! Thanks for visiting us! Great story about your son. I love your southwest designs - I lived in Phoenix for about 3 years, and the art and culture there is something to behold!

  10. Hi Kathy. Those are beautiful designs. I have friends down in SAdona. is that close. anyway I bet your glad to go back to Oregon for the summer.

    have fun, Oregon is one of our favorite states.

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