Monday, May 13, 2013

Some of the Projects I learned this past winter

While we were wintering in Arizona, there was a fantastic Beading Group at the Saguaro SKP RV Park!
It was fun sharing beading patterns and learning new ones. I even got to go to the famous Tucson Bead and Gem Show through the group.

Tila Beads, the little square beads, were the rage!
Purple Horizon  #PH 202    $12 plus $2 shipping in USA
Pink and Amethyst Swaroski Crystal Quilted Cuff -Item # CQC #203  $15
plus $2 shipping in USA

Then we discovered Tile Beads, a little bigger, with a porcelain feel! 
Great to work with and lots of different colors.
Here are 4 of the cuffs I made, Item # TC 204  $20, plus $2 in USA

I do ship to Canada, however the rates doubled lately to $7.50 shipping

Seed Bead and Cube Cuff  $12
Pearls and Crystal Cuff $15
Tila Cuff  $15 plus shipping

I can do all kinds of colors to customize these to your wardrobe, just ask me for suggestions!

Here is an example, it is a Double Sidewinder in Turquoise Crystals 
that a client had commissioned me to do. I like it so much I want one for me! :)
This one uses LOTS of Swarovski crystals - over 210 of them, so it will be $20 plus $2 shipping

Then we learned about Czech Rizo Beads and two hole Super Duos!

Single Circle Earrings $5 or
Figure Eights $8
What color goes well for you?

These are Sunbursts $5

Thank you for reading and checking in! Let me be your Personal Jeweler!
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  1. Ms. Kathy OMCs/OMDs....
    Your new projects are absolutely gorgeous. Mom loves the Pink and Amethyst Swaroski Crystal Quilted Cuff -Item # CQC #203 $15. The Single Circle Earrings $5 (short ones) look like they match the Pink and Amethyst they?
    If so, we would love love love to order both of them.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. Those are gorgeous, Kathy! And so glad that you found Molly. She was very lucky to get "parents" like you guys!

  3. Those items are lovely Aunty Kathy. You are very very clever! Deccy x

  4. Gorgeous new stuff Kathy!!! That's my Double Sidewinder in Turquoise Crystals and it is even more fabulous in person, I just love it :-)

  5. It’s actually super duper like! I certainly love the designs and colors of beads used. I’m really fond of jewelries of any kind and I have even dreamed designing my own jewelry and accessories. But I have no extra time to do it. Poor me. Anyway, keep it up coz’ you truly have the style and talent.

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